Cindy's Step One Story

Cindy's Step One Story

When Cindy saw an ad for Step One Foods on Facebook, she was skeptical -- until she clicked over to the ingredient list. As a retired cardiac nurse and former fitness competition participant, she was determined to lower her cholesterol through diet as much as possible. And when she discovered that Step One Foods are rooted in whole food ingredients, her skepticism turned to hope.

“My family cardiac history is about as bad as it gets,”she says. “Dang genes!”. When she experienced chest pain in November of 2020 and received two stents, She knew she needed to find a better solution than simply increasing her statin dosage or facing an expensive injectable. She had never tolerated medications well, and she blames statins for muscle pain and raised glucose levels. 

Cindy had always eaten a clean diet and had even competed in fitness competitions so she knew how to utilize nutrition to fuel her and how to stick to a program. She had a cupboard full of healthy ingredients but found that they just sat on the shelves. 

Cindy started incorporating two daily servings of Step One into her already healthy diet, in addition to her Pravachol and Zetia statin prescriptions. Two months later, her total cholesterol went from 352 to 170, and her LDL decreased from 257 to 87. 


When she shared her result with her cardiologist relatives, both were impressed, noting  that the low dose of statins alone would not have lowered her cholesterol so significantly

Blonde customer Cindy, with blue and white shirt on a lavender background. Text at footer of image reads, "170 LDL Cholesterol lowered with statins and Step One Foods.

“I find Step One foods simplify and make consistency easy… buying and putting the right amounts of those nutrients would be a job and your [products] make it easy to travel or be away for the day and never miss the nutrients!” 

- Cindy, Florida






Cindy’s favorite products include the
Dark Chocolate Crunch Bars, Apple Cinnamon BarsPancake Mix and Smoothie Mix

Cindy credits Step One for making her already healthy diet even healthier while improving her numbers, keeping her statin dosage low and minimizing side effects. 

Cindy is looking forward to continuing her success with Step One! She subscribed to her favorite product and receives them automatically every month. She’ll keep relying on the convenience of Step One Foods to help keep her statin dosage and her cholesterol numbers low!

Thank you, Cindy, for sharing your Step One Story! 

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