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Help Your Patients Lower Cholesterol Naturally - In Just 30 Days

Improve patients’ heart health with a simple, real food program.

How It Works

Proven to lower cholesterol in as little as 30 days

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Help your patients avoid side effects of statin medications

Proven to improve health with whole food ingredients

Your patients will enjoy eating delicious, convenient foods

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A clinically-proven statin alternative.

For patients who can’t or don’t want to rely solely on medications to lower their cholesterol, Step One Foods offers a food-based solution clinically-proven to help improve cardiovascular health in 30 days. Our products are developed specifically for patients who are:

  • Ineligible for cholesterol medications
  • Adverse to taking statins- Negatively affected by side effects of statins
  • At maximum statin dose with incomplete LDL control
  • Unable to maintain dietary or lifestyle changes

Step One Foods is based on over 300 peer-reviewed studies that validate the composition of our products. Every serving contains the precise amounts of whole food fiber, plant sterols, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids documented to help lower cholesterol and improve cardiovascular health.

A range of cardiovascular benefits

Modifying diet is the most impactful health change a patient can make. Dietary change influences six of the seven modifiable risk factors for cardio-metabolic disease:

  • Lipid profile optimization
  • Improved hypertensive control
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Improved vascular function
  • Improved glycemic control
  • Weight reduction

Foods vs Statins

Multiple studies have found food to be more effective than drugs in reducing cardiovascular events in patients with heart disease. Key nutrients in food positively impact cholesterol and cardiovascular health, without the side effects associated with medications.

Helps Lower Cholesterol
No Unwanted Side Effects
Helps Lower Blood Pressure
Can Help Lose Weight
Helps Improve Blood Sugar
Safe For Nut Allergies

Discover the four building blocks of heart health.


Found in foods like oat bran, flaxseed and dried fruit, fiber binds to cholesterol particles in the intestine and moves them out of the body.

Plant Sterols

Plant sterols - a group of substances made in plants such as nuts and seeds - block cholesterol absorption in the digestive tract.


Omega-3s - essential fatty acids present in foods such as chia seeds, walnuts and flaxseed - reduce inflammation and help lower triglycerides while raising HDL (good) cholesterol.


Found in foods like dark chocolate, berries and pecans, antioxidants help prevent the build-up of plaque in the blood vessels.

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