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"High cholesterol is not caused by a deficiency of statins.

"High cholesterol is caused by a deficiency of the right foods."

- Dr. Elizabeth Klodas, Cardiologist and Founder

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Plant Based, Vegan






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Watch CBS Health Watch’s feature story about how Step One Foods is helping customers attain meaningful health benefits with food. 

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Mayo Clinic research reveals the power of food

Step One Foods was shown to lower cholesterol in as little as 30 days. See the results from a Mayo Clinic & University of Manitoba study.

Real results. Real people.

Yes, they were skeptical too.

Why Step One Foods?

The way we treat heart disease today makes no sense. High cholesterol? Here’s one pill. High blood pressure? Here are two pills. This solution never addresses WHY a patient’s cholesterol or blood pressure is high in the first place. It’s like putting pretty, and sometimes very expensive, wallpaper over crumbling walls. It may look nice, but the underlying structure is no more sound.

Our founder, Elizabeth Klodas, MD, decided to take a new approach to heart health and address the root cause of the problem - nutrition - and leverage something patients already do every day - eat! She developed a simple, effective and delicious way to support healthy cholesterol levels with food. It’s step one to better health!

What is Step One Foods?

Simple meals and snacks that help support healthy cholesterol levels naturally

We make it easy to give your heart (and taste buds) some love with convenient, delicious foods that are cardiologist formulated and clinically proven to help lower cholesterol in 30 days!

A nutrition-based, scientific approach to heart health.

We transformed the basic building blocks of heart health - fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and plant sterols - into easy-to-eat products that pack a powerful nutritional punch and taste great too.

As easy as taking a pill, but WAY tastier.

Enjoy two servings of our whole food, plant-based products a day as a replacement for your usual meal or snack. It's that simple. And it’s perfect if you can’t or don’t want to rely solely on medications to lower your cholesterol.

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