The Step One Foods difference: Real results, not just marketing

The Step One Foods difference: Real results, not just marketing

If you’ve been following the blog for the past two weeks, then you’ve already read about what makes our products different and why I created them.

Now, I want to share with you the impact that Step One Foods has made on the lives of those who have tried our products and seen medication like results – in their own words.

Step One Foods helped Linda and her husband lose weight and gain energy in their 50’s

"My husband and I started using Step One Foods upon a friend's recommendation, because my husband was on statin medication, he had recently been diagnosed as pre-diabetic, and both of us were continuing to gain weight, especially around our abdomens, and losing energy. Within the first few days we noticed the Step One products were leaving us feeling more full and energetic without snack cravings, giving us more impetus to make healthy meal and snack choices and allowing us to actively decrease portion sizes without feeling deprived, shaky or irritable. The transition was remarkably easy using Step One products twice a day as a foundation. Energy, sense of well-being improved. Weight fell off by itself. Junk food cravings were essentially gone which for me is a miracle."

Linda R., Step One Foods customer since 2015

Active 40-year-old John, improved his LDL levels improve by 81 points with Step One Foods

“I'm an athlete who watches my diet closely, so I was shocked when my annual physician revealed that my LDL was 175. When my physician wrote me a prescription for Crestor, I was incredulous. What happened to trying lifestyle changes first? Without skipping a beat, I put myself on two servings of Step One Foods a day: Oatmeal in the morning, Smoothie Mix in the evening. My LDL improved by more than 80 points. I'm a physician and I did not believe it was possible, so I tested my cholesterol at two other facilities. The tests confirmed the results were real and I was thrilled."

John C., Step One Foods customer since 2012

The results that Linda and John experienced demonstartes the true power of Step One Foods. Simply incorporating Step One Foods into your diet, just twice a day, can yield life-changing result – it’s scientifically proven and it’s why our products come with a money-back guarantee!

You can read more success stories here.

Food IS medicine. Just like we know that when we put a certain drug into our bodies, there will be a specific effect, the same is true for food.  Put in a food, get an effect.  Our goal is to help make it easy to feed your body the right way.  So that the only effect is better health!

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