Lower Cholesterol in as Little as 30 Days

*Individual results may differ


"Before I began eating Step One Foods, my overall cholesterol was 240 and had been rising every time I had it tested. After about a month and a half of regular eating, it dropped to 204, and I expect it to be lower to next time I go in."


"As a physician and athlete, I was shocked when my annual physical revealed that my LDL was 175. Without skipping a beat I put myself on two servings of Step One Foods a day: Oatmeal in the morning, Smoothie Mix in the evening. My LDL improved by more than 80 points. I definitely preferred trying this before going straight to pills."


"I just finished my first 30 day order. My lipid profile shows my over-all cholesterol dropped 40 points! I began using Step One Foods after valve repair surgery because my cardiologist was extremely concerned about cholesterol levels. I’m so glad I found this product. In a world where food and vitamin supplements make such ‘amazing’ claims and often don’t or can’t deliver, Step One Foods DOES! My doctor said, ‘Keep eating your sprinkles!’"

Loving Life — Side-Effect Free!

*Individual results may differ


"I wanted to avoid statins and the side effects. Fortunately I found Step One through Facebook and started using the foods twice a day in May. After my check-up in August I found my cholesterol dropped from 229 to 175. Step One is so convenient and it’s easy to stay on track. I just love Step One’s pancakes for breakfast and cranberry bar for a snack. I couldn’t be happier!"


"When my doctor told me I had high cholesterol, she recommended a statin. I said ‘no’ because I wanted to avoid the side effects and costs. I decided to try Step One Foods instead. I ordered the Smoothie Mix and Chocolate bar. After eating one serving of each per day for three months, my bad cholesterol dropped 57 points and I no longer need medication. I feel better and I feel like I’m taking charge."


"I’ve been eating a mostly plant-based diet for years and exercising, but my cholesterol kept creeping up. My doctor wanted to put me on statins but I was looking for alternatives. I saw Dr. Klodas on the news and ordered right away. Using Step One, my total cholesterol went from 211 to 180, Triglycerides from 115 to 93, and LDL from 124 to 101 — all without statins! I’m really happy with Step One and have recommended the products to others."

My Step One Side Benefit is...

*Individual results may differ

Weight Loss!


"At my yearly physical, my cholesterol had jumped 30 points. My doctor suggested a statin drug. After talking with friends on statins, I decided to look for another option. One friend mentioned Step One Foods. It sounded like a common sense solution. So, I called Step One and the rest, as they say, is history. It works! I feel better — even lost some weight, but that wasn’t even my goal. Step One is a win-win, and best yet, no side effects — all positive!"

Extra Energy!


"My husband and I started using Step One Foods upon a friend's recommendation, because my husband was on statin medication; he had recently been diagnosed as pre-diabetic; and both of us were continuing to gain weight. Within the first few days we noticed the Step One products were leaving us feeling more full and energetic without snack cravings. The transition was remarkably easy using Step One products twice a day as a foundation. Energy, sense of well-being improved. Weight fell off by itself."

Low Blood Pressure!


"I’ve had high cholesterol for years and cannot take statins due to the muscle and joint pain they cause. My cardiologist recommended Step One Foods, so I ordered all of the products and ate two different Step One products every day for three months. After, I saw my doctor and we were both elated with the results of my blood test!  My LDL cholesterol dropped 53 points and my blood pressure was 100/60, the lowest it’s been in years."