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The Chipperfield's Step One Story: A 32 point LDL reduction

The Chipperfield's Step One Story: A 32 point LDL reduction

Judith and Dwight Chipperfield are farmers who grow corn and wheat for a living, but they knew their diet needed improvement. The demands of farming mean that there’s often not time for home-cooked meals. When they’re not eating vegetables from their garden, fast food becomes dinner too often, Judith says. And Dwight had a history of high cholesterol and a family history of diabetes. 

So when Judith read about Step One Foods last January, she signed up. Dwight’s cholesterol levels checked in at 210 in January, and within a week, she’d convinced him to swap out his morning cereal for a smoothie and his afternoon snack for a chocolate crunch bar.

Fast-forward five months of eating his Step One breakfast smoothie and afternoon bar, and Dwight’s cholesterol dropped 32 points to 178 -- without any other dietary or lifestyle changes. 

“The doctor was impressed,” Dwight says.

Dwight, who is 61, says his daily smoothie and chocolate bar became an easy habit to keep -- unlike statins, which he tried at one point but gave up when he experienced unpleasant muscular side effects.

“I couldn’t hack it, so I quit,” he says.

Judith, 60,  has also made a habit of Step One Anytime Sprinkles in her morning Greek yogurt and a cranberry pecan or peanut butter bar in the afternoon. She says her own joint pain and stiffness has lessened enough that she’s hopeful she can add daily exercise back into her routine. 

“We are thrilled,” Judith says. And so are we! In addition to lowering Dwight’s cholesterol, we are delighted that Step One Foods is inspiring a healthier overall lifestyle. Congratulations to both Judith and Dwight.

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