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Rozanne's Step One Success Story

Rozanne's Step One Success Story

When Rozanne experienced a mini-stroke just before her 60th birthday, she was immediately prescribed a host of medications to help improve her cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. 

“My doctor prescribed me a pill for every problem I had,” she says. “I was prescribed over six medications to help bring my numbers back to normal and I didn’t want that. I didn’t want to depend on pills to stay alive.” 

Throughout her life, Rozanne’s cholesterol and blood pressure have always fluctuated.  With a family history of diabetes, she has always tried to live a healthy life through moderation.

“Whenever my numbers were elevated, even before the mild stroke, my doctor would immediately prescribe me a pill to get things back to normal,” she says.  “Each time, I experienced side effects and the thought of being on pills for the rest of my life made me absolutely miserable.” 

Browsing Facebook one night after her mini-stroke, Rozanne saw a video featuring Dr. Klodas that inspired her to do more research on Step One Foods. 

“I’m typically a very skeptical person,” she says. “But here I am watching a cardiologist, a real doctor, promoting food instead of pills and the idea of making small changes. I just knew I had to try it and I am so glad I did.” 

In March, when she had her mini-stroke, Rozanne’s total cholesterol was 237 and her LDL cholesterol was 157. After just about three weeks of incorporating Step One Foods into her diet, her total cholesterol decreased to 111 and her LDL to 48. 

“I just could not believe it,” she says. “When my results came back, my nurse immediately asked me what I was doing. Like me, she knew that this wasn’t the medication. I told her it’s the Step One Foods, I’m sure of it. I know because I had been on medications in the past and my numbers have never been this good.”


“I don’t want cholesterol or any other medications ruling my life. In eating Step One Foods...I know that I am truly doing something good for my heart and myself.” Rozanne P.


Rozanne’s doctor slashed her medication regimen, taking her off all statin medication and one of her blood pressure medications and lowering the dose of her other blood pressure medication. 

Now, with her numbers improving and feeling better than she’s felt in a long time, Rozanne is looking forward to taking more control over her health. She’s thankful that she has Step One to help.

“What I love most about this program is how easy it is,” she says. “I work, so I don’t have time to make the healthiest meal, but with Step One Foods, I can have a bar at work and not only am I eating something that’s providing me with nutrients that are lowering my numbers in an incredible way, but also something that is delicious and SO satisfying.” 

Rozanne is now hopeful and excited for her health journey. “After seeing my results, I am so empowered to continue using Step One Foods and to make small changes to improve my health,” she says. “I don’t want cholesterol or any other medications ruling my life. In eating Step One Foods, since it’s created by a cardiologist, I know that I am truly doing something good for my heart and myself.”

What Rozanne wants others to take away from her experience is simple: You can do this, too. 

“This food is clinically proven to work, there are [clinical trials] that prove that this stuff works and guess what -you don’t have to change your life for it to work,” she says. “If you’re on the fence about giving this a try, do it. You won’t regret it.”


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