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The only food clinically proven to actively block cholesterol absorption

  • Cardiologist-developed, scientifically-proven meals and snacks
  • Nearly 9% average reduction in bad cholesterol in Mayo Clinic study
  • Simple, satisfying, non-pharmaceutical option to lower cholesterol

Your Health is Our Mission

“My waiting room was full of patients whose numbers I had made perfect but who still looked sick and felt terrible,” said Dr. Elizabeth Klodas, cardiologist and founder of Step One Foods. So instead of just throwing more pills at the problem, she set out to help her patients address the root cause of their health issues and look to nutrition instead. This is how Step One Foods was born.

You may have tried diet and exercise or even statins. To be clear, some people should be on statins. However, research shows that many people can effectively lower their cholesterol through food intervention. We made it easy for you: no confusing diets or difficult lifestyle changes; just two daily doses of Step One Foods.

Mayo Clinic Study Results

Step One Foods products were put to the test with a groundbreaking study conducted at Mayo Clinic and the University of Manitoba – world leaders in patient care and nutrition science, respectively.

Bad cholesterol was reduced by an average of 8.8% among study participants, and overall cholesterol by 5%. This is clinical proof that food can be a powerful medicine when it comes to managing cholesterol!

How To Test If You're a Food Responder

Get a baseline cholesterol test.

Any results within the last year will work. This is how you’ll measure your success!

Enjoy two servings per day.

Take two daily doses of Step One Foods! Eat the rest of your meals like normal.

Use for at least 30 days.

Take two daily doses of Step One Foods! Eat the rest of your meals like normal.

Get another cholesterol test.

Schedule a follow-up cholesterol test for the end of your 30-day period and compare your results.

Real results. Real people.

Yes, they were skeptical too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Step One Foods products were developed by a cardiologist and have proven effective through a clinical trial subject to the same standards as a pharmaceutical clinical trial. Every serving of Step One Foods contains the precise levels of key nutrients proven to help lower cholesterol and improve cardiovascular health. Learn more about our clinical trial here.

These foods cost between $2-3 per serving, depending on the product. This may be more than a store-bought snack bar or breakfast, but to get the same powerful nutrients, you’d have to spend just as much money on expensive supplements PLUS you’d still need to buy food to eat. In the long run, spending money on whole-foods and proper nutrition is a good investment for your health, and investing in your health will reduce medical costs, and can even add quality years to your life!

Step One Foods products most likely won’t taste like your favorite grocery store snack, which are often loaded with added sugars and harmful additives. However, many of our customers love the taste! Step One Foods products are carefully dosed with heart-healthy, cholesterol-blocking whole food ingredients.

No, if you are currently prescribed a statin by your physician, you should not discontinue it unless you consult with them. To most accurately assess how Step One Foods is impacting your cholesterol, you should take your statin in conjunction with Step One Foods twice per day. After 30 days of consistent use, you can test your cholesterol levels; if there is improvement (or even similar readings) you and your healthcare provider can discuss adjusting your prescription.