Statin Side Effects: Muscle Aches Are Common

Statin Side Effects: Muscle Aches Are Common

It’s a fact that every drug your doctor prescribes comes with side effects. Some are worse than others.

Drugs for high cholesterol — commonly referred to as statins — are no different. These drugs include names that you hear often: Lipitor, Crestor and Zocor.

If you’ve taken a statin for high cholesterol, you may have already experienced the number one side effect: muscle aches.

It turns out up to 20% of patients report this side effect with about 1/3 saying the aches were serious enough that they gave up exercising, and a handful even saying they found it too hard to get out of bed.

Think about that for a minute. Do we really want to prescribe drugs that discourage people from exercising? Or make it impossible for them to crawl out of bed?

So, if this is such a big issue, why have doctors avoided talking about it? A couple of reasons.

First, drug companies never told physicians muscle aches were a common side effect because their own clinical trials never identified it. This is probably due to “enrollment bias,” which means people who couldn’t tolerate the drugs were disqualified from participating in the studies in the first place.

Second, that allowed physicians to dismiss the concerns of their patients who reported it. Because patients who take statins tend to be older, doctors could blame it on normal aging. Or doctors dismissed it as a “placebo effect,” a well-documented phenomenon where the effect is “in your head” instead of being real.

And that’s the reason Step One Foods exists. It’s our mission is to make it easy to address the root cause of heart disease — food. We want every physician to prescribe food more often than they prescribe drugs. We want every physician to adopt a “food first” approach to treating chronic conditions like heart disease.

The best way to eliminate statin side effects is to eliminate the need for statins. The food we eat has a tremendous impact on cholesterol profiles, so we formulated our foods only from ingredients proven to lower cholesterol. There are no wasted calories, no extraneous additives or preservatives , and no side effects.

And best of all, an average LDL reduction of 39 points in 30 days

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