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The importance of the Purity Protocol

The importance of the Purity Protocol

You already know that Step One Foods is a first-of-its-kind line of cardiologist-formulated foods specifically designed to help lower cholesterol and support heart disease prevention.

What you may not know is that all the products are naturally gluten-free and are produced in a purely gluten-free facility. In addition to this, all Step One Foods products have been independently tested and certified as gluten-free.

This all makes Step One a great choice for patients with celiac disease – because these individuals face a nearly two-fold increased risk of heart problems.

But did you know that not all gluten-free ingredients are created equal – and that testing is not infallible?

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, “Oats are considered naturally gluten-free. But they are likely to be contaminated with wheat, barley, or rye. This is because of the way oats are grown, harvested, transported, and processed.” The resultant gluten contamination can be relatively minor and random, and depending on which batch of oats is used for testing, can be missed entirely.  For most individuals, this is not a problem.  For patients with celiac disease, this can mean the difference between staying healthy and experiencing a disease related flare. 

Given this potential for missed gluten contamination and because our commitment to your health is paramount to all we do, we have gone the extra mile to use only purity protocol oats in our foods. 

Purity protocol oats come from pure and uncontaminated seeds grown on fields without wheat, rye or barley in the crop rotation for at least 3 years. They are seeded and harvested using dedicated machinery and transported using thoroughly cleaned equipment. They are processed in a dedicated gluten-free facility and extensively tested for gluten contamination. 

Given the mission of our company, using purity protocol oats is a no brainer for Step One Foods. Because we know that when you’re dealing with someone else’s health, it’s not just about being good enough – it’s about being the best you can possibly be. 

By the way, you’ll find us listed on Gluten Free Watchdog as a trusted purity protocol manufacturer. This is a major stamp of approval around our commitment to pure ingredients. The site is also a terrific general resource for any individual aiming to avoid gluten in their diet.

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