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Nancy's Step One Story: Lost 18 pounds in 30 days!

Step One Customer Success Stories

Tennessee resident, Nancy and her doctor were concerned about her gradually increasing cholesterol levels. Nancy didn’t want to have to take medication for it and her interest was peaked when she saw Step One Foods on Facebook. At first she thought Step One Foods seemed too good to be true and was skeptical that she would see results in just 30 days. However, after reading Dr. Klodas’ blog and customer success stories she decided to give Step One Foods a try. 

Nancy reached out to us after receiving her results and we were blown away the progress she’s made with Step One Foods! 

“I had extensive lab work done after 30 days of eating Step One Foods and that changed my LDL from 173 down to 137 and my overall from 258 to 222 today! And I’m down 18 of my 40-pound weight loss goal! Win-Win and super excited!

Nancy’s doctor was also impressed with the results! She had initially recommended a diet book to Nancy as well as omega-3 supplements. After seeing Nancy’s results with Step One and looking into Step One’s nutrition information her physician said she didn’t need a supplement and was impressed with ingredients in Step One’s products. 

Nancy has enjoyed the convenience that Step One products offer and has enjoyed trying our different options! 

 “Honestly I really really like the taste, as well as the convenience of the foods! I actually love them all! The Pancakes are delicious with a cup of blueberries heated and poured on top- nothing else needed! The Peanut Butter Bars and Dark Chocolate Crunch Bars are super good by themself or alongside an orange or an apple - that dark chocolate with a bit of a tang in the peanut butter with orange accents each other perfectly!”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Nancy has enjoyed the convenience and peace of mind of Step One even more. She can feel confident that what she is eating is healthy and is helping her improve her health!

“Here’s an appreciation for a great find!!! I SOOO did not want to go on cholesterol-lowering meds or any other meds! And want to stay a young healthy 63-year-old!!”

Congratulations on your dedication to your health, Nancy! Step One is proud to be a partner in your health!


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About Step One Foods: Step One Foods is a line of food products that are scientifically formulated to help improve cholesterol. Founded by cardiologist Elizabeth Klodas, Step One is clinically proven to help improve cholesterol levels. We offer a variety of breakfast and snack foods that are delicious and nutritious.

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