Magnesium and Diabetes

Did you know that magnesium intake is linked to a lower risk of developing diabetes? 

Whether you’re starting out with a normal blood sugar and want to avoid prediabetes, or already have prediabetes and want to avoid developing full blown diabetes, be sure to eat foods high in magnesium.

In a study of over 2500 adults, researchers found that, compared to those with the lowest intakes, those with the highest intakes of magnesium had approximately half the risk of developing diabetes over time. Given that half of all American adults — 135 million — are expected to develop prediabetes or diabetes by 2020, these findings have profound implications.

So how do you increase magnesium in your diet? It turns out many of the ingredients in Step One Foods are high in magnesium – like oats, nuts and seeds, legumes, dried fruit and dark chocolate. So while you may be using Step One Foods to help lower your cholesterol, to lose weight or just to feel better, it turns out you are also lowering your risk of developing diabetes. 

Food matters.

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