The key to weight loss?  Eat more, not less...

The key to weight loss? Eat more, not less...

If you’re like 58% of the people in this country, you entered 2017 with at least one resolution.  And if you’re like many of the people making resolutions, your number one goal was to lose weight.

What’s implicit in that goal is to eat less.  But at Step One, we don’t believe in eating less.  We believe in eating more!  Because if you eat more fiber, more healthful fats and more antioxidants, the weight will take care of itself.

Our foods were specifically created to help lower cholesterol and reduce the need for statins.  But it turns out that if you’re eating right for cholesterol lowering, you’re also eating right for weight loss. 

In fact, a diet high in beans and greens, nuts and seeds, fruits and vegetables, and whole grains, actually allows you to lose weight without you ever having to count a calorie.  Or having to obsess over portion size. 

That’s because all of these foods are nutritionally dense but relatively calorie poor.  Nuts and seeds are the exception of course – they are both nutrient dense AND calorie dense – but they supply essential fatty acids and are so filling, it’s hard to overdo it on a consistent basis.

And when you supply your body with the nutrients it needs, it’s far less likely to signal you to keep eating.

I invite you to do an experiment on yourself.  One morning eat one plain, regular-size bagel with nothing on it for breakfast.  You can toast it if you like.  Then listen to your body and see how that bagel makes you feel over the next few hours.  At what point do you start to feel sluggish?  How long does it take for your body to signal that you need to eat something else because you’re hungry?  The next day, try that same experiment, this time substituting Step One Oatmeal or Pancakes for the bagel.  Did you ever feel sluggish?  How long did it take for your body to send a hunger signal?

If breakfast is not convenient for you to experiment with, try comparing how you feel after eating a regular Snickers bar for a snack versus how you feel after eating a Step One Chocolate Crunch Bar.

Regardless of the experiment you chose (and maybe you’ll decide to try both), you will notice a real contrast in the signals your body sends depending upon which food you ate. 

And that’s the real key to weight loss.  Because when you change the signals, you’re actually changing the power structure.  Food no longer controls you – you control the food.

And when food no longer controls you, weight takes care of itself.

Fun fact: Switching out the plain bagel and Snickers for Step One Oatmeal/Pancakes and a Step One Chocolate Crunch Bar, saves you 180 calories.  180 calories less per day translates to an 18 pound weight loss over the course of a year.

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