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Alan's Step One Success Story

Alan's Step One Success Story

At 66 years old, Alan works full-time and has no plans on slowing down anytime soon. That’s why his wife suggested that he visit her cardiologist just to be safe.

“I didn’t have any known (major) health issues, but my wife made me an appointment anyway,'' he says. “As I’m sitting in the waiting room, I’m on a call for work, and when I get back to the room, my blood pressure was so high that the doctor immediately ordered some tests.” 

Those series of tests, including a stress test, showed that Alan had an artery that was 90% blocked. This led him to an emergency procedure in which two stents were placed in his arteries to clear the blockage.

“After the procedure, my doctor immediately put me on statins,” he says. “I kid you not, the same day I started taking them, I started to experience muscle pains and aches. After 5 days of taking the statins, I knew I couldn’t take them anymore.”

Alan visited his doctor and was prescribed another brand of statin medication, but that didn’t help. 

“No matter what statin I was on, I still experienced the same side effects,” he says. “I asked my doctor for another way to help lower my cholesterol and he wasn’t interested. He told me if I didn’t take something to help manage my cholesterol, I was going to die.”

That’s when Alan decided to conduct his own research and found Step One Foods online. 

“I ordered the Starter Pack and at first, I wasn’t eating it twice a day like I should’ve,” he says. “Then, about a week of eating one product here and there, I decided I was going to follow the program and eat two products a day.”

After following the Step One program for 60 days, Alan’s LDL cholesterol improved from 157 to 116 and he lost almost 30 pounds. 

“For my entire life, my total cholesterol has never been under 200,” he says. “When the lab called me with my results, the woman on the phone said: “your total cholesterol is 178” and I was shocked! Never in my life has that happened. I was amazed!”

Alan has placed an order for a 3-month supply of Step One Foods and is spreading the word about Step One Foods to everyone he can.

“I feel great,” he says. “I’m sharing this with everyone I know who has had a stent or just can’t tolerate statins because it works. The Step One program is easy and I love the variety of foods and snacks to choose from. This is something that you can do long term. I didn’t have to change my life. I am going to eat Step One forever.”

Over the next 90 days, Alan plans to continue the Step One program and incorporate moderate exercise into his daily routine so that his numbers are even better for his January lab tests. 

“This all started with me trying something for just 30 days,” he says. “If you’re on the fence about trying, just think: ‘what’s 30 days?’. You can do anything for 30 days and if you try this out, you’ll see results and realize this isn’t some restrictive diet program that’s not sustainable. These are nutritious foods that fill you up, you won’t feel starved or deprived and after 30 days, you’ll feel good. Give it 30 days.”

Alan’s favorite Step One products: “I make my own homemade oatmeal and I add fresh fruit and a packet of the Step One Strawberry and Banana Smoothie Mix. It’s the best thing in the world. I’ll even add some Anytime Sprinkle, too. The bars are also great for when I need a quick healthy snack if I’m hungry after dinner or when I’m on the go for lunch.”

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