To cure the patient, treat the cause of disease

To cure the patient, treat the cause of disease

The recent Chicago Tribune article highlighted our mission - to help people reduce their reliance on statins and other prescription medications...through food. 

And the tremendous response we've experienced as a result of this publication underscores the fact that there are MANY individuals who are searching for solutions like Step One to help them do just that.

Nearly 80 million Americans have high blood pressure, 70 million are candidates for statin therapy, and 120 million have diabetes or prediabetes.  All of these health issues are driven in part or in whole by food.  And it's clear why they're so common: according to the American Heart Association, less than 2% of adults eat a diet that is optimal for heart health. 

Yet current approaches to treatment are completely upside down.  High cholesterol? Here's a pill.  High blood pressure?  Here's two pills. Diabetes?  Here's 3 pills and maybe an injection.  Without ever addressing WHY that high blood pressure, high cholesterol or high blood sugar exists.

It's no surprise people realize that something is missing from their care. Because even through their "numbers" may be fine due to all the medications they're on, they don't actually feel good.  That's because we haven't actually cured anything. We've just masked the effects of poor diet with drugs.

This is where Step One comes in. We help you make a real, positive dietary change - so you can join the 2%-ers. In just 2 servings per day, we provide you with the critical nutrients needed to improve heart health, reduce risk, and help you minimize your dependence on prescription medications. So that you can experience true health and healing.

Because to cure the patient, you have to treat the cause of disease.  

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