Step One Foods changed Lorna's life

Step One Foods changed Lorna's life

Meet Michigan resident Lorna. Lorna has battled with high-cholesterol since her early 40’s and now, in her 60’s, she has finally found something that works-- Step One Foods. Over the years, Lorna’s cholesterol has steadily increased and no matter how much she changed her diet or exercised, she was unable to achieve a healthy cholesterol level. She tried exercising for hours and eating a very restrictive vegan-like diet, but it was unsustainable.

“The most difficult part of trying to lower my cholesterol on my own was the severity of my cholesterol and the inability to maintain it,” said Lorna. “My husband and I eat a very healthy diet, but it never seemed to be enough.”

It wasn’t.

Lorna’s cholesterol recently reached a high of 240 and her physician recommended medication to treat her ongoing problem. Lorna also wanted to treat the problem - but without medication.

Then she found Step One Foods.  

“Before I began eating Step One Foods, my overall cholesterol was 240 and had been rising every time I had it tested,” said Lorna. “ After about a month and a half of regular use, it dropped to 204, and I expect it to be lower the next time I go in.”

With Step One Foods, Lorna is able to to easily incorporate the nutrients her body needs to lower and maintain a healthy cholesterol level. She credits Step One’s ease of use as her path to success in lowering her cholesterol.  

“The best part about Step One Foods is the ease,” said Lorna. “I typically have the Anytime Sprinkles in a smoothie or on yogurt or a packet of oatmeal for breakfast. Then my afternoon-slump snack is one of the bars. I don't know which is my favorite, so I buy them all.”

Lorna’s story is the reason why Step One Foods was created - to provide a natural alternative to medication to help those struggling with high cholesterol, lower their numbers and promote overall heart health. With Step One Foods, you don’t have to have a restrictive diet or exercise regime, just eat two Step One Foods products a day and you’ll see results- guaranteed.

Food IS medicine. Just like we know that when we put a certain drug into our bodies, there will be a specific effect, the same is true for food.  Put in a food, get an effect.  Our goal is to help make it easy to feed your body the right way.  So that the only effect is better health!

If you’re on the fence about trying Step One Foods or going about lowering your cholesterol the natural way, give it a try by starting small.

“I would advise anyone on the fence to try a Sample Pack,” said Lorna. It worked and I didn't even get to the end of mine before I was ordering a month's worth of product - The Starter Pack.” 

What will your story be? With Step One Foods we’re here to make sure it’s one that involves lower cholesterol and a healthier heart. Get started now.

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