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Rob K.'s Step One Story: "My physician said he was astonished"

Rob K.'s Step One Story:

December 2013

"I have struggled with cholesterol and weight issues for most of my adult life. My doctor recently suggested a calcium scan and when we saw the results he said it's time to start doing something.

I tried a lot of different diets. I tried magic pills. I tried extreme exercise. And nothing really was sustainable. So to have come across something accidentally that has really changed my heart health has been a lifesaver.

I ate two servings a day for a month, and when I had my blood work done again, the results were so great that my physician said he was astonished."

Age: 49

Health gains: My total cholesterol dropped from 230 to 191. My Triglycerides dropped from 150 to 99, my HDL rose from 45 to 53 and my LDL dropped from 155 to 118.

My favorite food: Cranberry Pecan Bars. My daughters think they taste so good that I have to hide them.

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