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Mindy's Step One Story: A long search for results!

Mindy's Step One Story: A long search for results!

Mindy has a genetic history of high cholesterol and even though she was already on statins and Zetia, she was still facing the daunting consideration of beginning injectables to treat her cholesterol. She has been battling her cholesterol levels since her 20’s and she grew up watching her father being proactive to address his heart health through diet and lifestyle, and sadly passing away from a heart attack. Determined to take control of her heart health, Mindy has tried everything! From a variety of diets to different medications and lifestyle changes, she just wasn’t seeing the results she needed to and was feeling discouraged and dreading turning to injectables. 

Mindy found Step One Foods on Facebook as was intrigued. When she saw Dr. Klodas’ credible medical background she said she was impressed and knew she had to try it. Mindy lives in Ohio and had her first order of Step One Foods delivered right to her in January 2020. Since then, she's had phenomenal results! She has been able to reduce her statin dosage, her doctor is taking her off of Zetia and she is no longer considering injectables! 

For the first time, her LDL cholesterol is below 100! Mindy said that even if she continues with medications, she feels good about using Step One and enjoys having something to help her manage her heart health effectively. 

She has been using Step One religiously and has subscribed to her favorite Step One products. Mindy relies on the Whole Oats & Walnut Pancakes (with some added fresh fruit or some canned pumpkin) and the Dark Chocolate Crunch Bars for her daily two servings of Step One. Mindy loves that Step One is so inexpensive compared to the cost of the injectables she was facing. For around $4 a day for a meal and snack, she’s been thrilled with her results. 

Mindy’s doctor was very impressed with her results and she’s going to continue with Step One Foods. She is excited to see her results in a few more months and is telling her friends and family about Step One!

Congratulations to Mindy on her success and dedication to her health. We are honored that we could help you reduce your dependence on medications and we are excited to continue to be a partner in your health! 

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