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Luisa's Step One Story: Finally, healthy foods that are enjoyable to eat!

Luisa's Step One Story: Finally, healthy foods that are enjoyable to eat!

Luisa’s father used to say “I live to eat, not to live”, while not the most healthful advice, Luisa grew up around flavorful food and has struggled to find healthy foods that are still delicious and enjoyable to eat. 

Luisa was diagnosed with high cholesterol and hypertension and her doctor recommended that she start taking prescription medications to control her cholesterol levels. With a family history of heart disease, Luisa knew she needed to take her health seriously. She wasn’t eager to start taking medications and began looking for other options. 

When she found Dr. Klodas and Step One Foods, Luisa said she felt empowered to try the Step One program. Luisa shared, “when I heard Dr. Klodas say ‘I don’t want to keep writing prescriptions- I want to make my patients feel better’, she made me a believer!”. Not wanting to start taking prescriptions, Luisa appreciated that Dr. Klodas was the only person who helped her find another way to manage her health and has helped her to completely change her lifestyle. Luisa’s cholesterol has been lowered to a point she and her doctor are happy with and she’s even lost a few pounds! 

Luisa loves the Dark Chocolate Crunch Bars and says the products help satisfy her cravings and stop her from eating other not-so-healthy foods. She especially loves salty snacks and chips and before trying Step One she said she had developed bad habits and a dependence on unhealthy foods. By using Step One products Luisa said she is able to be healthier throughout the day, especially between meals. Even during the pandemic, Luisa was able to keep up healthier habits and her health progress with Step One! She had Step One delivered right to her doorstep in Connecticut. She said she looks forward to her Step One Foods breakfast every day!

You can watch Luisa participate in a Heart to Heart Conversation with Dr. Klodas! She asked Dr. Klodas some of her heart health questions. 

When Luisa was asked about her experience with Step One Foods, she said, “I don’t even have enough words- that’s how excited and enthused I am to be part of the Step One program. From the bottom of my heart thank you for all the work that you do.” 

We commend Luisa on her amazing progress and dedication to her health. Educating yourself about healthy eating and being motivated to be your own best health advocate isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it! Step One Foods is proud to be a partner in Luisa’s health journey!


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