Step One Featured in Chicago Tribune

Step One Featured in Chicago Tribune

Step One Foods and founder Dr. Elizabeth Klodas were featured in the Chicago Tribune story, “Doctors Turning to Healthy Food as Medicine”. In addition to Step One, the article featured Dr, David Katz of Yale University and Dr. Richard Collins, South Denver Cardiology, as leading innovators in the food as medicine movement.

“Dr. Elizabeth Klodas has been a practicing cardiologist in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area for 20 years. She spent the first 10 of those years putting people on medication and the last 10 trying to get them off. ‘My patients’ cholesterol levels and blood pressure numbers were good, but they all looked and felt awful,’ she said, ‘and I realized that what I was doing was just making numbers look good and not treating the underlying cause."

Step One was designed for people who do not want to rely solely on medications to improve their health.  The Chicago Tribune added, “Step One Foods was created to deliver the health benefits from foods that pharmaceuticals deliver from medication.”  Step One Foods received an overwhelming response from the article and is proud of the tremendous amount of success stories that resulted from people who read the article and decided to try Step One Foods.

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