The surprising health benefits of yogurt

The surprising health benefits of yogurt

If you’re like me, you still remember those old commercials featuring a smiling centenarian. The secret to his longevity? Regular yogurt consumption.

Turns out, this was not just effective marketing by some Dairy Council. It was actually true.

Scientists have confirmed that eating yogurt regularly helps mitigate the risk of high blood pressure. Which is a good thing given that hypertension affects about one BILLION people worldwide and is a major risk factor for cardiovascular events such as heart attack and stroke.

A recent study analyzed the dietary habits of over 70 thousand hypertensive people and found that, as compared to people who ate yogurt infrequently, women who consumed yogurt at least twice per week had a 17% reduction in cardiovascular events. Men that consumed yogurt at least twice per week had a 21% reduction in cardiovascular events.

When regular yogurt intake was combined with a whole food plant based diet, the reduction was even greater – especially in men for whom the risk went down by 30%. 

To put these numbers into context, high dose statin therapy lowers risk of heart disease and stroke by about 30%.

Adding Repatha® - the latest, greatest $14,000 per year injectable drug that lowers cholesterol - to statin therapy lowers risk of heart disease and stroke by some 20%.

We created our Anytime Sprinkle to be used, well anytime, but especially with yogurt.  If you have high blood pressure or are at risk for high blood pressure, Sprinkle over yogurt is an ideal breakfast option for you. Choose the Greek variety of yogurt to increase the protein content. And add fresh fruit – especially berries – to the Sprinkle/yogurt combo. Eat daily or at least twice per week like the successful participants in the study.  Delicious. Easy. Risk-reducing.

By the way, the choice of yogurt really does matter.  

As you know, at Step One, we are all about eating real food - because that is what supports real health.  So choose yogurt that is real - with as few ingredients as possible.  A little fat is better than a bunch of added sweeteners, preservatives, colors or flavors.  Toss in your own fruit, rather than relying on some that's already been added for you - because the stuff that is added by a manufacturer tends to be sweetened and colored and will never be of the same quality or nutritional value of what you add yourself.  

But if you are too busy to find the perfect berries - or if they're not in season - do what I do.  Just pour out a packet of our Smoothie Mix over the yogurt in your bowl and skip the blender. All the benefits of the Sprinkle with whole, unadulterated berries to boot.  

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