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Step One and Statins

Approximately 9% of people who require treatment for high cholesterol cannot tolerate statin medications because they develop side effects. And it turns out that 30% to 40% of people who get a prescription never fill it. Clearly there are lots of people looking for alternatives to improve their cholesterol numbers. Step One was created to help people reduce their dependence on medications and provide an alternative option to statins. 

At Step One Foods, we are not anti-drug. As a preventive cardiologist, Dr. Klodas prescribes medications all the time. And there are individuals who absolutely DO benefit from being on statins. But we believe that we shouldn’t rely on a drug to fix what food can fix. Because food has no side effects. And our experience with food is vast and obviously very long term.

If you are looking to try Step One to help you decrease your statin dependence here’s what you need to know! 

If you've been prescribed a statin, can you ever stop taking it? 

It depends on why you’re on the cholesterol lowering medication. If the main reason is just to reduce cholesterol, then yes! If you adjust your lifestyle in a way to improve cholesterol levels (which is why Step One was created!) and you see results, you can reduce your reliance and potentially stop statins altogether. However, there are some people that should be on statins- even if their cholesterol levels are perfect, and that’s because statins can help improve outcomes and reduce risk. Dr. Klodas shares more about who should be on a statin in the video above. 

Why should I focus on my diet if I am on statins? 

Studies have shown that people who are on statins are more likely to give up on healthy eating and exercise, which is alarming because statins don’t override your diet! It’s been demonstrated that for the same level of cholesterol reduction, RISK reduction benefit is significantly greater when statins are combined WITH a healthy diet.  In other words, there’s more to risk reduction than a cholesterol number. The way you get to that number matters as well. 

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When is it ok to try food instead of statins to lower cholesterol? 

We’ve clinically validated that food can make a measurable improvement in as little as 30 to 90 days. So how do you know when it’s safe for you to try a food-first approach? 

According to the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology, there are four main categories of patients who are candidates for statin treatment for cholesterol management, learn who these candidates are and what approach you should take. 

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Should I stop my statin when I use Step One? 

No, if you are currently prescribed a statin by your physician, you should not discontinue it unless you consult with them. To most accurately assess how Step One Foods is impacting your cholesterol, you should take your statin in conjunction with Step One Foods twice per day. After 30 days of consistent use, you can test your cholesterol levels; if there is improvement (or even similar readings) you and your healthcare provider can discuss adjusting your prescription.


How does food impact my cholesterol levels compared to statins? 

At Step One Foods, we were the first to conduct a clinical trial that proves our foods can be as effective as medications for lowering cholesterol!

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Is there an instance where Dr. Klodas would prescribe statins? 

At Step One Foods, we are not anti-drug. As a preventive cardiologist, Dr. Klodas prescribes them all the time. And there are individuals who absolutely DO benefit from being on statins.


How can I talk to my doctor about Step One? 

We always recommend that you consult with your doctor when it comes to your health. If you want to try Step one Foods, here’s our advice to start the conversation! 

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