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Take Step One To Better Health

Nutrition belongs at the center of your heart health regime. Your diet directly impacts your health and can contribute to high cholesterol and heart disease. So by changing the way you eat, you can naturally better your health. Step One Foods products are designed to help you do just that! 

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Why Step One Foods?

Step One Foods was developed by cardiologist Elizabeth Klodas, MD who wanted to offer her patients a simple dietary solution for reducing and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. To overcome the biggest barriers to eating better - time and complicated meal planning - Dr. Klodas developed a food-based approach with products that are convenient, science-based and delightful to eat.

Lower your total and LDL cholesterol

Lower your blood pressure

Reduce inflammation & improve blood flow

Improve your blood sugar

Lose weight

Get started with our popular Starter Pack.

Better health starts here. This pack includes a full 30-day supply of our most popular products. Simply substitute your usual meal or snack for Step One Foods twice a day for at least 30 days to see results!

Each Starter Pack contains:

12 servings of Blueberry and Cinnamon Oatmeal

12 servings of Anytime Sprinkles

12 servings of Apple Cinnamon Bars

12 servings of Cranberry Pecan Bars

12 servings of Dark Chocolate Walnut Bars

Discover the four building blocks of heart health.


Found in foods like oat bran, flaxseed and dried fruit, fiber binds to cholesterol particles in the intestine and moves them out of the body.

Plant Sterol

Plant sterols - a group of substances made in plants such as nuts and seeds - block cholesterol absorption in the digestive tract.


Omega-3s - essential fatty acids present in foods such as chia seeds, walnuts and flaxseed - reduce inflammation and help lower triglycerides while raising HDL (good) cholesterol.


Found in foods like dark chocolate, berries and pecans, antioxidants help prevent the build-up of plaque in the blood vessels.

Real Foods. Real Science. Real Results.

Improving nutrition is the most effective step you can take to improve health, lower cholesterol – and lose weight! We aren't a diet plan and we might not be the whole solution, but we are STEP ONE! Our program was designed to be enjoyable and sustainable to help you achieve your best health – without having to count calories or carbs or obsess over protein or fat. For best results, simply enjoy two servings of our whole food, plant-based products a day as a replacement for your usual meal or snack. That’s it!
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Dr. Elizabeth Klodas MD

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