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Step One Foods Review: Can Snacks Really Lower Cholesterol?

“I haven't had a statin ever since I started with Step One Foods” - Janice W.


Step One Foods, a functional foods brand, is clinically proven to naturally reduce cholesterol levels. They position themselves as a potential "statin alternative." In this review, we delve into the clinical research, ingredients, and user experiences to provide a comprehensive perspective.

Is Step One Foods Proven to Work?

In a clinical trial published in The Journal of Nutrition, impressive results were observed. Patients consuming Step One Foods products twice daily experienced an 8.80% reduction in LDL (bad) cholesterol and a 5% decrease in total cholesterol after 30 days. Notably, HDL (good) cholesterol levels increased by around 1%, a positive outcome associated with favorable health. The consistent reduction in LDL cholesterol suggests Step One Foods' effectiveness.

Ingredients and Health Perspective:

Step One Foods bars, like the Apple Cinnamon Bar, boast whole food ingredients without added sugar. Noteworthy components include nuts and seeds (white chia seeds and walnuts), proven in research to lower LDL cholesterol. Every product contains meaningful amounts of ‘the four building blocks of heart health’, that are clinically proven to help lower cholesterol. Plant sterols, a natural part of plants, contribute to cholesterol reduction by limiting absorption and circulating levels. Fiber, found in oats, flaxseeds, and bran, binds to cholesterol particles in the intestine and moves them out of the body. Antioxidants, found in berries, and dark chocolate, help prevent plaque build-up in the blood vessels. Omega-3s, found in chia, seeds, and walnuts, reduce inflammation while also lowering triglycerides and raising HDL (good) cholesterol. These factors contribute to Step One Foods' healthy profile.

Side Effects and Safety:

Many consumers are curious about whether Step One Foods may cause side effects. This is a logical concern given that prescription medications used to treat high cholesterol can cause side effects.

We do not consider Step One Foods likely to cause side effects because the products are made entirely with whole food ingredients. There are no active drug ingredients likely to cause side effects. The clinical trial on Step One Foods cited earlier in this article did not document any side effects. 

Having said this, it is prudent for consumers to check ingredient labels for potential allergies.

Founder's Background:

One key aspect of Step One Foods that gives us comfort is the fact that it was founded by a leading cardiologist Dr. Elizabeth Klodas. Dr. Klodas has trained at Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins University, and further enhances Step One Foods' credibility.

We always recommend that consumers look into the team behind the products and supplements they’re taking.

Thousands of customer reviews:

Does Step One Foods actually fix cholesterol?

Here’s some of the impressive feedback we’ve gotten about Step One Foods from some happy customers.

I never thought a snack could make such a difference. Step One Foods is a game-changer!"
Janice W.
I look forward to my daily Step One snack. It's a treat that's actually good for me!"
Ron M.
I love that I can snack guilt-free, knowing it's helping my cholesterol. And the taste? Amazing!
Taylor G.

Why We Love Step One Foods (And Why You Should Too)

Step One Foods is one of the most impressive functional food brands we’ve reviewed. Their products are proven in legitimate clinical research to reduce cholesterol levels and their heart healthy products are made entirely of whole foods.

How Can You Try Step One Foods?

We recommend starting off with The Starter Pack, which is a full 30-day supply of 5 products: Dark Chocolate Crunch Bar, Apple Cinnamon Bar, Anytime Sprinkle (ground granola), Dark Chocolate Walnut Bar & Blueberry Oatmeal.

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