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Health / Program

Step One Foods products were developed by a cardiologist and have proven effective through a clinical trial subject to the same standards as a pharmaceutical clinical trial. Every serving of Step One Foods contains the precise levels of key nutrients proven to help lower cholesterol and improve cardiovascular health. Learn more about our clinical trial here.

Our snacks and meals are designed to fit easily into your everyday life. Just eat two servings a day of your favorite Step One Foods products as a substitute for something you’re eating now. No additional dietary changes or daily workouts are required!

Studies have shown that a change in diet can yield a significant impact on cholesterol levels in as little as 30 days. Effects on overall blood sugar control and weight will take longer.

No, if you are currently prescribed a statin by your physician, you should not discontinue it unless you consult with them. To most accurately assess how Step One Foods is impacting your cholesterol, you should take your statin in conjunction with Step One Foods twice per day. After 30 days of consistent use, you can test your cholesterol levels; if there is improvement (or even similar readings) you and your healthcare provider can discuss adjusting your prescription.

Step One Foods products are highly nutritious and very satisfying. High fiber content, complex carbohydrates and healthful fats ensure slow digestion and lower, steadier blood sugar levels, keeping you feeling fuller longer. Our foods are also meant to be used as a substitution for something you were eating before, which typically represents a calorie reduction and may lead to weight loss.  And nearly all Step One Foods contain minimal to no sodium. Studies have shown that when you reduce sodium consumption and increase the intake of antioxidants from fruits and vegetables, you can attain significant blood pressure reductions.

Step One Foods products are made with all-natural ingredients that have each been documented to have general health-promoting properties. They would be considered appropriate for anyone trying to improve their heart health or overall well-being.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend you consult with your healthcare professional to determine if products designed to lower cholesterol are appropriate for you. Although plant sterols are felt to be safe for general consumption, studies of intentional cholesterol lowering (using food, plant sterols or medications) have not been carried out in pregnant/lactating women or infants/young children. If you have any additional questions, please contact Step One Foods via our customer support email or call us at (952) 303-4265 to speak with one of our experts.


We want to help you change your health through food that you love to eat. So we make Step One Foods products with the finest whole-food ingredients - like the highest quality Belgian chocolate, walnuts, almonds and pecans – and we leave out the additives, preservatives, chemicals and various isolates. We offer a variety of products to ensure you can find favorite options that taste great to you. We think you’re going to love the taste of real food packed with real nutrients (so much so, all of our products are satisfaction-guaranteed!).

All the products are equivalent in terms of providing clinically meaningful amounts of whole food fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and plant sterols. And all are presented in single-serve portions. So for all intents and purposes, all the foods are interchangeable. There are differences in taste and texture as well as whether minimal or no preparation is required. This is to ensure you can find products that best fit your lifestyle.

Step One Foods products are made exclusively with certified gluten free and non-GMO ingredients. All Step One Foods products contain tree nuts. The Pancake Mix contains egg whites. The Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar contains peanuts.

Step One Foods products are a premium brand of foods formulated specifically to support cardiovascular disease care and prevention. As such, they are not typical of foods available in retail/grocery stores and are only available online at

Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be happy with our products and your results. If you don't enjoy one or more of your choices, we will gladly provide you with an exchange or a refund. Our guarantee applies to first time orders, or up to one month's worth of food cost.

If you do not experience a cholesterol response, we will refund what you paid for the products, up to one month's worth of foods. But remember, there is much more to health than a cholesterol number. For example, studies have shown that increasing fiber intake by 10 grams per day on a consistent basis (the amount of fiber provided by 2 servings of Step One Foods products), is associated with a 14% reduction in the occurrence of heart events and a 27% reduction in the risk of dying from heart disease. So even if you don't see a significant cholesterol change, you will still have benefited from an overall health perspective by eating better.

We’re sorry you’re not completely satisfied with your Step One Foods experience. To request a refund or exchange, please contact our customer support team via email at or call us at (952) 303-4265. We are dedicated to ensuring you’re satisfied with your Step One Foods experience and our team will kindly walk you through the process of a refund or exchange.

Shipping / Returns

Tracking information is sent by email when your order has shipped. You can also track your order here.

If you are unable to find this email, please contact our customer support team at or call us at (952) 303-4265 and we’ll be happy to provide you with your tracking information.

All orders $75 and over within the US qualify for free ground shipping. For orders under $75, the shipping cost is determined by the shipping companies, based on the size of the order. We ship domestic orders via USPS and FedEx.

Our team works hard to get your orders out the door as soon as possible! You can expect most orders to ship within 24 business hours. Transit times vary based on the shipping service and where you live. All orders ship from Step One Foods’ headquarters in Minneapolis, MN.

Shipping carriers are responsible for keeping to the shipping timeline. FedEx Home Delivery is insured and tracked. Delivery time is not guaranteed, but is almost always under 6 days. Priority Mail (USA) is now both guaranteed (up to $50) and trackable. Priority mail can take up to 3-5 business days once shipped.

Estimated delivery times are business days, and do not include weekends, US holidays, etc.

Yes, shipping is free on all orders over $75, and shipping within the US.

Gift cards do not count toward the $75 threshold at this time.

We’re sorry you need to cancel your order and we’ll sincerely try and accommodate your needs! Orders that have not yet been fulfilled can be cancelled by contacting our customer support team by email at or call us at (952) 303-4265. Orders that have already been fulfilled cannot be cancelled.

Step One Foods has a 100% satisfaction guarantee for your first Step One Foods order, or up to the cost of one month of food. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, we’ll happily send you a replacement product, or issue a product refund. Simply contact us via our customer support email at or call us at (952) 303-4265.

If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, we’ll happily send you a replacement product, or issue a product refund. Simply contact us via our customer support email at or call us at (952) 303-4265.

Damaged goods are refunded at 100% of the purchase price. Please contact us via our customer support email at or call us at (952) 303-4265.

Yes, there’s a simple solution that we’ve found works great! Simply place your chocolate products in the fridge for about an hour once you receive your delivery. Once cooled, the chocolate should return to its normal texture and consistency and there will be no change to the nutritional content of the products! Many of our customers actually prefer their bars chilled.

We do offer additional shipping precautions including an insulated mailer and ice packets for an additional shipping cost of $12. This cost is purely for the materials. Shipping products with additional heat precautions can add up to 1-2 business days of processing time to an order. 

We highly recommend that you also add expedited shipping to your order if you opt for this option. The ice packets will not last for a normal shipping window. Expedited shipping charges are based on your location. If you are requesting additional shipping options, you will be required to pay those fees even if your order is over our $75 shipping threshold. 

We will hold orders with these precautions to ship Monday-Wednesday. 

Orders requesting extra shipping precautions must be taken over the phone. Please contact our customer service team here for a shipping request or to place an order. 

Please note that additional shipping options and charges are non-refundable. 

We can hold orders to ship Monday- Wednesday if you would like to limit the time the order may be in transit. If you would like to request this for your order please reach out to our Customer Support Team

If you would like to request additional shipping options (like expedited shipping) please reach out to our team before placing your order. Additional charges may apply.

Account / Plan Membership

We’re thrilled you’re interested in our free Plan Membership where you can save money as you better your health! You can create subscriptions for the products you want by simply selecting the “Subscribe & Save” option when adding products to your account. You can also Build-A-Bundle for orders of 4+ boxes. It’s that easy!

Yes! Visit our Plan Member Guide here. This includes everything you need to know about managing your Plan.

You can login to your account from any page on Simply click the Account tab on the top menu bar. Once logged in, select ‘Manage Plan’ from your Account page to view or edit your Plan products, quantities and frequency.

We are also more than happy to manage your Plan for you. You can email us via our customer support email at or call us at (952) 303-4265.

Yes, you may cancel or pause a recurring order at any time, without any fees, by logging into your account and adjusting your preferences. Click on the Account tab on the top menu bar. Once logged in, select ‘Manage Plan’ from your Account page. Select ‘Plan’ and then click ‘Edit’ on the item(s) you’d like to cancel or pause.  

If you have any trouble, please email us via our customer support email at or call us at (952) 303-4265 and we can cancel or pause an order for you that way.

You sure can! Here's our Plan Guide with instructions.

Access and make changes to your Plan by logging in via the Account tab on the top menu bar. Once logged in, select ‘Manage Plan’, and then ‘Subscriptions’ from the menu. Select the individual product whose frequency you would like to update, and select the "Order Frequency" option and update the cadence from the side menu that appears. Repeat for all products you would like to update.  

If you have any trouble, please email us via our customer support email at or call us at (952) 303-4265 and we can help you manage your delivery frequency.

Yes, you’ll receive an email notification 3 days before your order is set to process. From that email you can access your Plan account to make any edits or changes yourself, or we are always happy to help!

We’re sorry for any confusion! It's possible you haven’t yet activated the online login portion of your account.

Please contact us via our customer support email at or call us at (952) 303-4265 and we’ll help you get logged in.

To reset your password, select the “Forgot your password?" option on the Account page. If you need more assistance, please reach out to our team via our customer support email at or call us at (952) 303-4265 and we will help you out!