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Our Granola Sprinkle Is Clinically Formulated To Actively Reduce the Amount of Cholesterol in the Bloodstream

Our granola sprinkle is more than just a delicious treat to enhance your favorite foods. We clinically formulated our granola to help block the absorption and reabsorption of cholesterol in the digestive system. All it takes is two doses of your favorite Step One Foods snack per day to help reduce the amount of cholesterol in the bloodstream.

Add Our Premium Ground Granola To Yogurt, Fresh Fruit, Salads & More!

You can grab a handful or two of our premium ground granola sprinkle for a quick snack, but it’s best when added as a tasty embellishment to your favorite healthy foods. Does your yogurt need a little pizazz? Our granola is the perfect addition for some extra crunch and extra nutrients. Want something that pairs perfectly with a cup of fruit? Add some granola for a tasty complement to your berries, bananas or even a full-on fruit salad.

Speaking of salads, our granola is great to add to a lunch or dinner salad. There are tons of creative ways to incorporate our granola into your diet and get all the cholesterol-lowering benefits of our clinically formulated snacks! It couldn’t be easier, and it’s super tasty.

Made With Real, Good for You Ingredients That Are Gluten-Free, Vegan, Dairy-Free and Non-GMO

Our granola is always made with real, good-for-you ingredients that you can recognize and feel good about eating. We’ve also formulated our granola to fit a range of dietary needs and preferences. Each pack of granola is gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free and non-GMO. 

Being healthier doesn’t have to be hard with Step One Foods. We believe in making heart-healthy foods convenient and accessible, which is why we’ve made delicious and easy snacks like our premium granola. You can always feel good about sprinkling this snack on your yogurt, salad, smoothie bowls, pancakes or anywhere else!

Full of Fiber, Plant Sterols, Omega-3s and Antioxidants

To make our granola heart-healthy, we packed it full of ingredients that are clinically proven to help lower cholesterol levels. This means we made sure each serving has the plant sterols, fiber, Omega-3s and antioxidants you need to help block cholesterol absorption, reduce inflammation, lower triglycerides and increase HDL (good cholesterol). It’s a complete solution for those who need a more convenient way to get these heart-healthy vitamins and nutrients in their life.

A Simple and Effective Solution To Help Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally

Lowering your cholesterol levels often isn’t easy, which is why it’s important for those struggling with high cholesterol to have access to simple, effective and natural solutions. This is why Dr. Elizabeth Klodas started Step One Foods. While statin medication is sometimes necessary, it’s also important to have food-based solutions whether you’re on medication or not.

Our snacks and meals, like our granola, have been tested by the Mayo Clinic and the University of Manitoba for their efficacy in lowering cholesterol. In these clinical studies, our food-based solutions were shown to help lower cholesterol in as little as 30 days. Simply enjoy Step One Foods snacks twice per day. You don’t always have to make drastic changes to incorporate more heart-healthy foods. Order some delicious and convenient snacks from Step One Foods today!

Every serving delivers critical nutrients known to help: