Wayne's Step One Story

Wayne's Step One Story

Wayne was facing the possibility of being put on statins, but he’s not a fan of medications and was determined to try and change his diet to avoid them. He tried to eat healthier on his own but was disappointed when his cholesterol actually increased and his cardiologist suggested he go on the drugs.  

Motivated to stay off statins, Wayne kept looking for a solution. He did a Google search for foods that reduced cholesterol and found the Step One Foods website. He looked through the website and reviewed our Facebook page and thought Step One seemed too good to be true, but decided to give it a try anyway. He thought the convenience of Step One Foods was appealing -- he didn’t want to change his entire lifestyle and was eager to try something that easily fit into his day-to-day life. 

Wayne tried Step One for two months and saw a drastic change in his health! His total cholesterol dropped 51 points,  his LDL dropped 43 points, and he saw an improvement in his triglycerides. Wayne has been able to avoid statins and his doctor said, “Keep doing what you’re doing”!

For Wayne, the convenience and ease is the best part of Step One Foods. He loves to start his day with the Anytime Sprinkle in his cereal and puts the Dark Chocolate Crunch Bars in his cooler when he’s out golfing! In addition to his numbers improving, Wayne said he hasn’t felt this good in years. He has more energy and has started to make other healthy choices. 

We’re so glad Step One was able to help Wayne improve his health (and maybe his golf game, too!). 


About Step One Foods: Step One Foods is a line of food products that are scientifically formulated to help improve cholesterol. Founded by cardiologist Elizabeth Klodas, Step One is clinically proven to help improve cholesterol levels. We offer a variety of breakfast and snack foods that are delicious and nutritious.

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