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Ron's Step One Success Story

Ron's Step One Success Story

In June 2018, Ron received some concerning news about his overall health and was diagnosed with prediabetes, after having an A1C reading of 6.4 during his visit to his doctor.

“My doctor encouraged me to “get my sugars down” (yes, that’s exactly what he said and I had no idea what he meant),” he said. “I didn’t want to become diagnosed as being a Type II diabetic. I was fearful that once I was diagnosed with it, I would never be able to reverse it because the medical treatment for Type II diabetes is “manage it” with medications rather than reversing it. I already had high blood pressure since 2011. I was taking 40mg of Lisinopril. I was also on a statin at 40mg. I was following my doctor’s advice and I was taking the medications. But, I was getting worse. I also had fatty liver disease, too.”

Detemined to improve his health by focusing on his diet, Ron began to search for nutritional guidance.  

“After I visited with my doctor, I was in my car in the parking lot and I said out loud: “I need help! I am going to be diabetic! I need a nutritionist!,” he said.

Eventually, he stumbled upon a book, The Plant Paradox, which gave him the blueprint to improve his diet. The information from this book helped him lose 40lbs and lower his A1C to 5.4. Despite major health improvements, Ron was still strugguling with developing a healthy relationship with food. 

“As I was changing my diet and eating in accordance to the Plant Paradox program, I was coming off my addiction to sugar,” he said. “By that time, I realized that I was severely addicted to sugar. I had great difficulty in getting rid of the sugar cravings. I was using Quest Bars and Kind Bars, but I kept wondering if those bars were good to eat.”

While searching for a healthier snack bar, Ron stopped taking his statin medication to determine what his true cholesterol numbers were, without medications. 

“I became very interested in lowering my cholesterol through diet so that I didn’t qualify to take a statin anymore,” he said. 

Ron’s health numbers in June 2019 (without statin medications)

Total Cholesterol: 227

HDL: 48

Triglycerides: 78 

LDL: 161

Ron’s health numbers in June 2020 (after starting Step One Foods):

Total cholesterol: 201

HDL: 58

Triglycerides: 80

LDL: 126

“The Step One Foods bars do help to lower cholesterol,” he said. “I changed my diet to a plant based (not quite vegan) sort of diet. I also follow the two-bar per day prescription that Dr Klodas teaches. I don't eat my bars as a snack. I eat them as a dessert after my lunch and after my dinner.”

Since incorporating Step One Foods into his diet, Ron’s health has continued to improve and he wants every one else to know that improving your health without relying on medications is possible.

“High blood pressure, high cholesterol and weight gain are not just associated with aging,” he said. “Don’t ignore these symptoms. Type II Diabetes is NOT a disease that can be managed. It’s a disease that must be reversed! Our diet and sedentary lifestyle are the reasons for these symptoms. It is abnormal to feel old and achy as we age. It is abnormal to depend on prescription medications as we age. It is abnormal to not feel well as we age. But, we have to make changes. We must change our diets. Avoid processed foods. Eat whole foods, whole. If the food product comes in a box or a bag, leave it on the shelf.”

While some may perceive Ron’s health improvements as “good enough”, he is actively striving to reach even better health.

“My success using Step One Foods products is part of my overall journey to achieve lasting health and wellness,” he said. “I was already changing my diet and I had started exercising. Step One foods is a great addition to my diet because I know that every part of my diet is healthy now.” 

If you’re on the fence about making a commitment to improving your health, Ron’s advice to you: “You MUST take control of your health and wellness. We cannot rely on our doctors to give us a pill to relieve symptoms.”

Ron visited his doctor this month and his most recent health numbers are (his doctor also informed him that he’s the healthiest patient that she has!):

Total cholesterol: 163

LDL: 88

HDL: 61

A1C: 4.9

Triglycerides: 49

Blood glucose: 74

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