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Linda's Step One Success Story

Linda's Step One Success Story

Since 2017, after learning that her total cholesterol was 223, Linda has struggled with managing her cholesterol levels. 

“I am in relatively good shape,” Linda said. “ I stay active and I watch what I eat, but despite these efforts, I’ve watched my cholesterol increase year over year.”

In addition to high cholesterol, Linda also faces a family history of heart disease. 

“I wanted to do everything that I could to enjoy a long and healthy life,” Linda said. “I have witnessed so many people who are unable to enjoy their later years in life due to health struggles.”

Linda’s determination to live healthier led her to seek out a solution for her high cholesterol, then she saw an ad for Step One Foods on Facebook. 

“I did not want to go on medication until I tried everything,” Linda said. “I decided to try Step One Foods after reading customer testimonials, the blog, and the information on the website.”

In June 2021, Linda started the Step One program with the expectation that her cholesterol would improve but didn’t want to have such high hopes for jaw-dropping results, but that’s exactly what she received. 

After 1 year of the Step One program, her cholesterol levels improved by more than 50 points!

“I had hoped my cholesterol would go down after using the products for 1 year BUT I never expected it to drop over 50 points,” Linda said. 

Blood test before Step One Foods: 

Total Cholesterol: 221

LDL: 131

HDL: 80

Blood test after Step One Foods:    

Total Cholesterol: 168

LDL: 88

HDL: 81

And the best part?

“It is so easy,” Linda said. “It really is!”

Linda eats Step One twice a day and enjoys all of the products. 

“I typically have either the oatmeal, sprinkles, or pancakes for breakfast, Linda said. “I add fresh berries to the oatmeal. With the sprinkles, I eat them over yogurt and fresh berries. Occasionally I will use the sprinkles over soft serve ice cream – it makes a delicious topping! I tend to eat the pancakes more in the colder/winter months.  I add fresh blueberries to the batter before I make them. I add a light amount of maple syrup & some additional berries…delicious!  I typically have one of the bars as an afternoon snack and if I miss the afternoon, I will have one with a cup of tea at night. The bars are so easy to carry and eat on the go! I always keep one in my bag in case I am out and about when I need something to hold me over.”

Even as Linda focused on improving her cholesterol and overall health, she started Step One with a realistic mindset. 

“I admit I had to get used to the oatmeal and pancakes just because they have less sugar than what I was accustomed to,” Linda said. “Now, I find it all delicious.”

With her cholesterol numbers under control, Linda continues to focus on living a balanced and healthy lifestyle and she’s even started attending pilates classes.

“I guess my healthy journey is really a  journey so there will be ups and downs and readjustments along the way,” Linda said. “For now, I am pleased with my results using Step One Foods and I plan to continue doing so!”

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