Linda R.

Linda R.

November 2015

"My husband and I started using Step One Foods upon a friend's recommendation, because my husband was on statin medication, he had recently been diagnosed as pre-diabetic, and both of us were continuing to gain weight, especially around our abdomens, and losing energy.

Within the first few days we noticed the Step One products were leaving us feeling more full and energetic without snack cravings, giving us more impetus to make healthy meal and snack choices and allowing us to actively decrease portion sizes without feeling deprived, shaky or irritable.

We immediately started increasing vegetable consumption, actively worked on portion control and concentrated on pursuing a Mediterranean type diet with emphasis on vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains, nuts, fish, less meat with leaner cuts--trying to eliminate processed foods. The transition was remarkably easy using Step One products twice a day as a foundation. Energy, sense of well being improved. Weight fell off by itself. Junk food cravings were essentially gone which for me is a miracle."

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