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Colleen's Step One Success Story

Colleen's Step One Success Story

Colleen virtually sat down with Dr. Klodas to share her experience with Step One Foods. Click the video below to watch their 'Heart to Heart' conversation!



With a family history of cardiovascular problems, when Colleen’s doctor informed her that her cholesterol levels were outside of the normal range, she knew she had to make some changes.

“For me, that was my warning sign,” she says. “I’ve always known that I was predisposed to some risk and seeing those numbers made it very real for me. For years, I watched my dad and other family members struggle with cardiovascular disease on and off, so I knew I had to do something.”

And she did. 

In March, after learning about Step One Foods from her mom, Colleen started the program. After 30 days of eating Step One Foods, twice a day, all of her levels were back in the normal range. 

“My results with Step One are incredible,” she says. “Going in after 30 days on Step One and seeing my results was so rewarding. I even lost some weight and the best part is that I didn’t do anything special. I just ate food.”

The simplicity of Step One Foods is what attracted Colleen to Step One Foods. As a HR professional, with two small children, she doesn’t always have time to plan or prepare healthy food options for herself.

“What I like most about Step One Foods is that it is sustainable,” she says. “This program is so accessible. I order online and within one or two days I have my order. There is a nice variety of things to choose from, so it’s not like you’re limited to just one thing and it doesn’t feel like you’re deprived or missing out on anything because the foods are delicious and offer some decadence. I used to spend hours meal planning and meal prepping every week and making salads for lunch and right now, I don’t have that time or energy for that, so this is a viable healthy solution for me.”

Even with all of her numbers now in the normal range, Colleen plans to continue the Step One program. 

“For me it was really important to take proactive and preventative measures, preferably without any pharmaceutical interventions, and to be able to feel my best so that I can give my best to my family, my kids, and my work,” she says. “I’m just grateful to have access to something like Step One Foods to help me do just that.”

Colleen’s favorites: Dark Chocolate Walnut Bars and the Anytime Sprinkles on top of yogurt with fresh fruit.

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