Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast of Champions

This week’s blog was inspired by my son.  On Wednesday, he sent me a link to a really well done YouTube video put out by Bon Appetit magazine. It demonstrates how to turn a lowly pancake into a nourishing, health enhancing meal.   

I encourage you to watch it - it contains some great tips, not the least of which is how to reduce the amount of syrup you pour on.

But what struck me as I watched the clip? This is exactly why Step One Foods exists.

In truth, there’s no magic to eating better – if you put in the effort, you can transform your diet and improve your health. The problem is the amount of effort this requires.

Who has the time to search for ingredients in the bulk bin section of the grocery store, crush flax using a mortar and pestle, and soak oats in buttermilk overnight? I barely have the time to watch the video!

And this is what I found in my practice and in my own life. It’s not a lack of knowledge about the importance of eating well, or a lack of desire to eat better that holds people back. It’s the lack of time.

We used to devote much more time to food.  In prehistoric eras we hunted and gathered it and that took up our entire day. As we moved to farming, time was freed up and all we had to do was cook from scratch. Today, with the cooking taken care of by food processors, all we have to do is eat. 

And if you don’t have to hunt, gather, farm, or cook from scratch to eat, why would you? There are so many other things you could be doing instead.  At Step One Foods, we recognize this and have gone out of our way to make eating better fast and easy. But our foods aren’t just convenient, they’re also packed with the nutrients that would be there if you actually made them from scratch using only the most health-promoting ingredients.

Just like in the video, our pancakes are made with oats, chia and ground flax, and contain healthy fats that come from walnuts and almonds.  Nutritionally, they are a powerhouse:


But unlike the video, you don’t have to spend hours making them – just add a little water and put them on the griddle. That’s it! 

So not only can you enjoy a nourishing, health building meal, you can also get on with your real day - syrup optional.

 by Elizabeth Klodas MD, FACC

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