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Our Smoothie Mixes Are Clinically Formulated To Actively Reduce the Amount of Cholesterol in the Bloodstream

At Step One Foods, it’s our goal to make it easy to enjoy heart-healthy snacks and meals. But our smoothie mixes aren’t just healthy; they’re clinically formulated to help lower cholesterol. By using quality ingredients proven to help with cholesterol, our snacks can help block the absorption and reabsorption of cholesterol in the digestive system. By enjoying just two daily doses of our foods, you may see reduced cholesterol levels in just 30 days.

Our Smoothies are a Quick and Easy Breakfast To Enjoy On-the-go

Our smoothies are a great option for a snack, a quick breakfast, a healthy addition to lunch, a pre-or post-exercise treat or any other time you’re craving something a little sweet and a lot delicious!

Best of all, our smoothies are so easy to make. You can throw our mix into a blender with ice and yogurt for a traditional smoothie, or you can just sprinkle it on top of yogurt or a cup of fruit if you need something super quick. It’s a versatile, convenient and tasty all-in-one snack to enjoy even on your busiest days!

Made With Real, Good for You Ingredients That Are Gluten-Free, Vegan, Dairy-Free and Non-GMO

You can always trust that our smoothie mixes are made with the best ingredients. We also make sure our smoothies can meet a variety of dietary needs and preferences. This means making them gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free and non-GMO. We also leave out preservatives, additives, colors and added flavors that you might find in other smoothies. Finding heart-healthy snacks is hard enough, and it’s even harder with dietary restrictions. At Step One Foods, we’re making these snacks more accessible for everyone!

Comes in a Delicious Strawberry Banana Flavor

There are healthy options out there, but they don’t always taste great. That’s not the case with Step One Foods. Our smoothie mix comes in a tasty Strawberry Banana flavor that is the perfect amount of sweet and satisfying. Who said you have to sacrifice flavor when you’re eating right?

Full of Plant Sterols, Omega-3s and Antioxidants

To give our smoothie mixes cholesterol-lowering benefits, we added the four building block ingredients of heart health – plant sterols, fiber, Omega-3s and antioxidants. Fiber can help lower cholesterol by binding to cholesterol and moving it out of the body. Plant sterols help inhibit cholesterol absorption, while Omega-3s help to reduce triglycerides and increase good cholesterol. Finally, antioxidants help fight arterial plaque buildup. It’s a potent combination of ingredients that can help lower your LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol in as little as 30 days.

A Good Source of Fiber

Along with all of the heart-healthy benefits of our smoothie mix, you can also count on your smoothie to be a good source of fiber. Each serving has 5 grams of dietary fiber to help you meet your daily recommended value.

A Simple and Effective Solution To Help Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally

Enjoying a heart-healthy diet shouldn’t have to be hard. Unfortunately, there aren’t always good options for convenient and tasty heart-healthy snacks. Step One Foods is here to offer a simple and effective natural solution to help you lower your cholesterol.

Our snacks and meals were tested in clinical trials by the Mayo Clinic and the University of Manitoba. This study found that Step One Foods is effective in lowering cholesterol levels in just 30 days. Simply enjoy our snacks twice per day and replace something similar in your diet. It really is that simple! Order Step One Foods today and make heart-healthy snacking easier.

Every serving delivers critical nutrients known to help: