Vicki's Success Story

"I call that a BIG win!"

At a visit with a new doctor last Spring, Vicki was told she was going to have to make some changes to improve her cholesterol levels. Her doctor gave Vicki six months to try changing her diet and lifestyle before considering medications. Vicki found Step One Foods online and hoped they might help her. She committed to using Step One for 30 days and was thrilled with the results! 

“I’m so excited I can hardly believe it!”, she said.

Vicki’s total cholesterol dropped 25 points! Her LDL dropped 21 points and her doctor said her HDL was excellent. 

“No need for medication. I call that a BIG win!!`` 

 So far Vicki has tried most of the products, sharing that, “the food tastes really great and I’m excited to see if there will be further improvement in my cholesterol”. 

We are delighted to be a part of your continued success, Vicki!

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