Traveling next week? Take Step One with you!

If you’ve ever set foot on an airplane, you know your food choices at 30,000 feet are far from optimal. (Remember my recent encounter with Cheez-Its?).The good news is that it’s easy to take Step One with you. In fact, this is exactly why we worked so hard to find the best ingredients that could be packaged without being processed -- to make it easy for you!

And since we travel with our products a lot, we’ve picked up some extra tips. We realized we should share them with you in time for the busiest travel day of the year: 

  • All of our products can go through security. (Just don’t mix up a smoothie ahead of time!) That means you can stash as many cranberry pecans bars in your carry-on as you want. TSA regulations greenlight all dry foods (as well as liquids under 3.4 ounces). Carrying more than a couple of bars tends to trigger extra screening, however, so be prepared to explain what’s in your backpack. We’ve found that a calm, even cheerful, explanation helps expedite the process, such as: “This is the food I eat to control my cholesterol instead of taking statins. Want a bite?” When you’re finally cruising through the clouds and the snack cart goes by, you’ll be extra grateful you stashed that dark chocolate crunch bar. 
  • And don’t forget that our products can also go in your checked luggage. Our products are sturdy enough to withstand baggage handling at any airport!
  • If you’re going on an extended vacation or trip, remember that we can ship your Step One order anywhere! Simply let us know what address you’d like your order shipped to and your order will be waiting when you arrive. Most hotels will accept packages; just make sure to call the hotel ahead of time and include your name on the mailing label. 
  • If you’re doing a road trip, I’d also recommend adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your Step One stash. It may seem like a hassle to load up a cooler with carrot sticks and apples, but if you’ve ever driven 200 miles without seeing more than a Kum & Go or a Buc-ee’s, you’ll be thankful.  

When you reach your destination, remember that Thanksgiving is only one day a year. In other words, no need to “save up” for it -- eat your regular healthy breakfast (or whip up an extra batch of whole oats pancakes for your hosts), and then indulge and enjoy your feast with family and friends, guilt-free. 

Do you take Step One with you when you're traveling? 

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