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How Joyce Lowered Her LDL Cholesterol by Over 40 Points in Two Months

Two months after incorporating Step One into her routine, her Total Cholesterol went from 253 to 219, and her LDL decreased from 172 to 131.

By Elizabeth Klodas, MD | Last updated: 6/7/2023

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Here’s Joyce’s story, in her own words.

I discovered ads for Step One Foods on Facebook. I took the time to read the information about how Step One is REAL FOOD. As I was reading about the benefits of Step One, I had my routine lab work done and it revealed another rise in total cholesterol. It had been gradually rising little by little over several years.

It was a day of reckoning for me. 

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I did not want to consider going on a statin drug. I am a firm believer that diet has a direct impact on your well being. I wanted to prove to myself that I had control over my health by being mindful of the foods I put into my body. So, after reading the Step One Foods ads at least 7 times and reading their success stories, I decided to order the products and take action.

I made a decision to improve my cholesterol numbers so that I could maintain my heart health.

"My success is a demonstration to others that by making proper food choices, you can change your health."

The interesting thing about the experience was my delight when I got my most recent lab values back. Since it was not “technically time” for me to get labs done, I purchased a lipid panel at the lab near me. It wasn’t expensive and it validated that I was on the right track.

I am just so happy that I can participate in keeping my heart healthy. I have taken some degree of control over my own body by eating food that nature has given us. "

— Joyce

I was so pleased. I showed my husband the results and he started eating Step One also. My success is a demonstration to others that by making proper food choices, you can change your health. I plan to continue eating Step One Foods.

I have not shown the results to my PCP yet. I am due for a visit in 2 months. It will be so nice NOT to have a discussion about going on a statin drug. 

Thank you Step One Foods for creating this line of foods to benefit humanity.

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