Lower Your Cholesterol With Delicious Food, Not Pills.

Developed by a Cardiologist
Dr. Liz Klodas created Step One Foods to help her patients lower their cholesterol naturally with foods, not pills.
Scientifically Proven Ingredients
Each serving of foods and snacks contains the precise amounts of key nutrients proven to help lower cholesterol and improve heart health.
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What People Are Saying About Step One Foods
"My LDL went from 158 to 105. It was so easy!"
Connor O.
"I replaced my typical breakfast with Step One and the cost was identical."
Brian A.
"My LDL improved by more than 80 points."
John B.
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Featured in the Chicago Tribune
Dr. Elizabeth Klodas has been a practicing cardiologist for 20 years. She spent the first 10 of those years putting people on medication and the last 10 trying to get them off. "My patients’ cholesterol levels and blood pressure numbers were good, but they all looked and felt awful,” she said, "and I realized that what I was doing was just making numbers look good and not treating the underlying cause." Step One Foods is designed for people who can't or don't want to rely solely on medications to improve their health. If this is you, you've got to try it.