What doctors don't learn in medical school

What doctors don't learn in medical school

By Dr. Elizabeth Klodas

Recently, I presented a talk titled “What they don’t teach cardiologists in medical school.” 

As it turns out, there’s a lot of important information that’s not taught.

The reason I founded Step One Foods is that the longer I took care of patients, the more obvious it became to me that I was treating the wrong thing! But I also realized it wasn’t just me – the entire system is broken.

There are perverse incentives that steer physicians to prescribe drugs instead of food. There are check-marks on food labels that are bought and paid for. And well-meaning FDA guidelines around health claims for food products are routinely abused for the purposes of marketing hype.

Here's a fact: Food can be just as powerful as medicine in treating many health problems. 

The problem is that we live in a world where it’s almost impossible to support health through food. And isn’t that a tragedy?

This is exactly what Step One Foods is trying to solve because we truly believe food is the answer. 

 Watch my entire talk below. 


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