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Harriet's Step One Story: Searching for Natural Ways to Lower Cholesterol

Harriet's Step One Story: Searching for Natural Ways to Lower Cholesterol

Harriet was shocked when her doctor proscribed a statin in March of 2020. Her ultrasound test showed minor plaque build-up in her arteries and her LDL (bad cholesterol) was too high. There was no discussion about her diet, and she wasn’t given any other treatment options. 

But Harriet wasn’t satisfied. She started doing her own research to find natural ways to lower cholesterol. She soon realized that her diet--which she describes as “standard American food” was a big part of the problem. Every heart-healthy diet plan she found felt overwhelming, and she didn’t have time to come home from work and make complicated recipes required for these plans. It was overwhelming, and scary. She kept thinking, I could die at any minute!

One day, Harriet read “One cardiologist's mission to reduce statin use for cholesterol” on CNN--written by Cardiologist & Step One Foods’ founder, Dr. Elizabeth Klodas. Pamela was so inspired by the article that she traveled from several hours away in Indiana to see Dr. Klodas as a patient in Minnesota. Dr. Klodas shared that Harriet might still need statins, but recommended that she try a diet-based approach to lowering her cholesterol (including two servings of Step One Foods per day) for two months. 

“When I had my appointment with Dr. Klodas I thought there is hope--this is within my power to change! Dr. Klodas gave me an opportunity to help myself.” Harriet shared. 

Harriet stuck to the Step One program for two months and the products quickly became a great ‘rescue’ for her on busy workdays. She enjoys the Blueberry Oatmeal for breakfast and keeps a stash of Dark Chocolate Crunch Bars and oatmeal at her desk so she always has a healthy and filling snack on hand! Starting Step One Foods also helped Harriet transition to a more whole-food, plant-based diet.

“It was daunting at first but I was determined. I decided this is the most important thing for me now and I’m going to do it” Harriet shared. 

Harriet’s dedication paid off. Both Dr. Klodas and Harriet were so impressed with her results! After starting the Step One program, the LDL that started at 121 mg/dL in early July fell to 73 mg/dL by September! In addition to lower cholesterol, Harriet lost 15 pounds, her migraines have improved, and she is introducing other healthy habits like exercise!

“I was so relieved--I no longer felt like I had a death sentence. There was something I could do to help lower my cholesterol. My risk has gone down, I’m no longer causing further plaque buildup in my arteries, and I just feel good!” Harriet shared.

 “This is why I went into medicine in the first place,” Dr. Klodas said.  “This sort of outcome reinforces why we do this every day.” 

Harriet's Step One Story is a testament that we all have the ability to take control of our health. Her dedication and perseverance paid off and Step One Foods is honored to be a trusted resource for her as she continues to take steps toward better health. 

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*Note: This is the true story of a Step One Foods customer who asked that we keep her name private. Her name has been changed, and a stock photo was used for this story.

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