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Dr. Klodas Shares Her Tips for Surviving Thanksgiving Day

Dr. Klodas Shares Her Tips for Surviving Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday, but many people struggle to balance healthful eating habits with frequently unhealthy food traditions.

So how do I approach this day? Here’s my five-pronged strategy:

#1. I stick with my Step One Foods program. It’s a great way to ensure that I’m getting all the vital nutrients my heart needs every day.

#2. I’m mindful of what I eat before the big meal. If possible I stick with fruits and fresh veggies. If I’m headed to someone else’s house, and I’m not certain of their traditions, I offer to bring a platter of these to share.

#3. For the main meal, I fill my plate with vegetable-based sides and reduce my portions of stuffing, buttery potatoes, and meat with gravy. This doesn’t mean I give up my favorite things, I just change the relative amounts of what I’m eating.

#4. I take a half portion of dessert.  OK maybe three quarters!

# 5. Because many beverages are highly caloric, I alternate everything I drink with a glass of water.

And finally, I try to keep it all in perspective. It’s one day and one meal.

I hope you are enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Although this holiday may look a bit different, my family’s tradition is to eat a great meal, not all heart-healthy, and make great memories being together (whether in person or virtual). 

At Step One Foods, we are grateful for our customers. YOU are the reason we exist - and it’s your kind notes and phone calls about your experiences with Step One that make our jobs so rewarding.  Thank you for all your support. Truly, it’s what drives us.

Very sincerely, and on behalf of all of us at Step One Foods,

Elizabeth Klodas MD, FACC


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