Better Foods, Better Health

We have just returned from the American College of Lifestyle Medicine conference held in San Diego. We shared our Step One Foods products with the attending physicians and received an extremely enthusiastic response. What is clear is that our foods fit squarely into the regimens advocated by some of the world’s leading nutrition experts.

A whole food plant based diet that includes all the ingredients found in Step One Foods, such as unprocessed grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, dark chocolate, and fruits is not only beneficial for preventing heart disease, but also in preventing diabetes, cancer and even infertility. And swapping out processed products for healthier choices has a doubly positive effect on health. 

What is also clear is that chronic disease is not inevitable. And that what you eat does not only help reduce risk factors or prevent a disease process. What you eat can actually REVERSE the damage that has been done. And that even older individuals can see dramatic changes in their health by changing their nutrition patterns.

Over the next few weeks we look forward to sharing all the knowledge we acquired. From studies that show reversal of prostate cancer to reversal of heart disease – THROUGH FOOD.

Until then, here’s our message to you –

YOU have the power to improve your health. We’re here to help you take the first step.

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